Hair Growth+ inCLINIC

Proteoglycans for hair growth by Nourkrin®.

Stop hair loss, promote hair growth and maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle.

Clinically proven and safe and side effect free.

Effective for Women

In clinical trials, 83% of women experienced an improvement in their hair growth and quality.*

Effective for Men

In clinical trials, 75% of men experienced regrowth of hair.

+35.7% in hair density.**

What is Hair Growth+ inCLINIC?

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® is a scientifically developed Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy formulated to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle, supporting normal healthy hair growth.

60% of women and 80% of men will experience hair loss at some stage in their lives. No matter the hair loss cause, the Hair Growth Cycle is always negatively affected.

Several factors can influence the healthy Hair Growth Cycle and disrupt normal hair growth, resulting in a negative cycle of increased shedding, with weak or no re-growth at all. By utilising a Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy, which is rich in specific bioactive proteoglycans, the hair follicles can be induced back into the growth phase and begin a new revitalised Hair Growth Cycle, leading to increased hair density and quality.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is the global leading, completely drug-free, safe, side effect free formulation, based on natural ingredients.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is the result of more than 100 scientific studies and clinical papers, as well as several consumer studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals over the last 30 years.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is made by Nourkrin®, the award-winning brand that is recognised by scientists, doctors, dermatologists and trichologists worldwide.

8 out of 10 women saw a significant improvement after taking Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin®.


The Nourkrin® Effect

In tests, where 3,000 users were surveyed, 83% saw an improvement after taking Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® for 12 months.*,***

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC works in conjunction with the normal duration of the Hair Growth Cycle, and this is why Hair Growth+ inCLINIC should be taken for a minimum of 4 to 6 months.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC has been shown in placebo, double-blind studies to be completely side effect free.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with the unique, proprietary Marilex®-P is a scientifically developed bioactive proteoglycan formula formulated to support normal, healthy hair growth by addressing Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy, which is an underlying cause of almost all cases of hair growth disruption, no matter the cause or type.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is scientifically proven – read more
Nourkrin Nourkrin
62,5% after 2 months
70% after 6 months
83% after 12 months

*Thom E. Nourkrin®: Objective and Subjective Effects and Tolerability in Persons with Hair Loss.J Int Med Res. 2006;34(5):514-9.
**Kingsley D, Thom E. Cosmetic hair treatments improve quality of life in women with female pattern hair loss. J Appl Cosmetol. 2012;30:49-59.
***Always remember that individual results may vary.


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