Paula T

Female Pattern Hair Loss

‘It was when I was approaching my 40th birthday that it seemed like my world caved in. As I was preening myself at home and styling my hair, I felt a strange sticky patch on the crown of my head.

I asked my husband, Dave, to take a look and he told me I had a clear bald patch about the size of a 10p piece. Instantly I remembered I’d seen increasing amounts of hair on my brush and in the shower plug and panicked.

By chance, Dave knew a guy who worked for the company which makes a nutritional supplement called Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin®, which is supposed to provide nutrients to your hair follicles and restore the Hair Growth Cycle. I met the man from the company, Chris, by chance at my niece’s birthday party a few weeks later, and he told me how many incredible, positive stories there were of women and men seeing increased hair growth – but told me I had to see my GP first to check for any underlying causes.

I hate putting chemicals and drugs into my body, so I called Chris and said I’d try out the Hair Growth+ inCLINIC supplements, which are made from fish extract. My hair got thicker and within nine months of taking it I felt confident enough not to hide my hair in public. I tapered off for a few months, taking one pill a day, and haven’t taken them since. It’s incredible that nobody could tell me what caused my hair loss, but it was extremely frightening. I’m just glad I found a natural solution that worked.’


Telogen Effluvium

‘About 5 months after the birth of my first baby, I noticed that my hair had started to recede around my forehead and that I had a very obvious balding patch on one side. Every time I washed my hair the fallen strands were clinging to my hands and comb and there was an alarming amount of hair to clean out of the drain each time.

I was recommended Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® by a friend who had had great success with it after suffering from alopecia herself, so I started taking the tablets on her advice. I started the tablets in mid-March and have seen really great results from them already, only 2 months later.

At first, I started getting fine, baby hairs growing and these have gone on to fill out and become more substantial, to the point that my worst bald patch is virtually completely covered already. I cannot recommend Hair Growth+ inCLINIC tablets highly enough – I was devastated when I realised what was happening with my hair and really paranoid that everyone could see the worst patch and was staring. I would wear my hair down, simply so that I could hide the patch at the front a little better but, of course, that also meant that my hair was in easy reach for my son to grab at and pull. As a first-time mum I already had so many things to worry about and adding my hair to the mix just felt so unfair, but now I can wear my hair up (out of my little boy’s way!) or down with complete confidence.’


Alopecia Areata

‘In October 2017 my mother discovered a bald spot on my head. It was not big, but grew steadily, and in January 2018 one became three, but the two new areas were smaller than the original. I had never felt the bald spots when I was washing my hair and it was a shock to me.

I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease (Alopecia Areata) and gave me both steroid cream and a steroid solution. However, I didn’t see any results and felt I was just throwing money away with no changes to show for it. Instead, I went to Germany and met a specialist in skin diseases. He told me that the hair root had ‘fallen asleep’ due to a lack of nutrients and advised it might take more than a year to grow again.

I was given another cream to apply that was supposed to slow down this hair loss. It was extremely itchy, and the hair loss seemed to increase and, although when we met again in April the bald spots had not expanded, there was still a question of whether the hair would wake up and if hair would grow again. Still the hair loss continued. In frustration, I published my experience on Facebook. My cousin contacted me, and I was introduced to Hair Growth+ by Nourkrin®. After I’d tried all these solutions, finally, with the help of Hair Growth+, my hair started to grow. It was the first time for a long time that I could have my hair loose and not in a ponytail like always. I’m so happy and thrilled that the hair is coming back.’


Alopecia Areata

‘I had Alopecia at the start of this year. I tried all different expensive tablets and even steroid injections to try make my hair grow back. Nothing worked. Until I tried Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® tablets.

I’ve had a 3 month course with Hair Growth+ inCLINIC now and all my hairless patches are GONE and my hair is so much thicker! Thank you so much. I’ve gained my confidence back now because of Hair Growth+ inCLINIC. It is an amazing product that does the job that it indicates! 110% recommend!’


Female Pattern Hair Loss

‘I have always had fine ‘baby fine’ hair anyway so never had “big bold hair”, but I wasn’t unhappy with it in my younger years.

However, approaching and around my menopause my confidence plummeted. My hair thinned dramatically it wasn’t growing well and looked limp and lifeless whatever I used on it, and even eating well, exercising, having it trimmed regularly and using good shampoos and conditioners didn’t seem to help.

For the first 3 months on the higher dose I didn’t see so much effect but ploughed on undeterred as I know a nutritional effect isn’t going to happen in an instant as hair growth is a timely process.

After 6 months of Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin® tablets usage I can with assurance say they have worked. I now take the maintenance dose. I think you have to accept what you are genetically programmed to have in terms of hair thickness so being realistic is always a good starting point before treatment, but Hair Growth+ inCLINIC has helped me through a tough time and made the best of what I have been given. I shall always take Hair Growth+ inCLINIC now, because not only has my hair improved, but my nails are fab too! Vive Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin®!’


Alopecia Areata

‘Because of my profession as a lyrical soprano, my appearance is a key element of my career and when the first signs of hair thinning appeared three years ago, I felt really insecure and stressed.

Hair thinning had a drastic effect on my self-esteem, especially when appearing in public. When you’re going to an event and it’s windy, your scalp is likely to be exposed. Also, hair thinning is a problem in humid weather or even when you go to the beach. You can look good in every other way, but if your hair doesn’t look good, then you simply don’t feel confident.

I didn’t want to use prescription medication or drugs for my hair thinning because I was scared of possible side effects. Once I started using Hair Growth+ inCLINIC by Nourkrin®, which has a natural ingredient derived from the sea, it only took three months to kick in and I could see hair starting to grow back; that was very comforting.

Alopecia can be terribly upsetting. My mother had lovely hair, so I thought mine was simply thinner genetically. I admire Gail Porter who suffered from alopecia and didn’t wear wigs. I wanted to contact her to let her know about Hair Growth+ inCLINIC!

Back then, I kept my hair shorter but now it is long and beautiful. All make-up artists or stylists I have worked with have seen the improvement immediately! My hair has become stronger itself and new hair has grown. I really want to share my experience with women going through the same situation I have. There are things you can do to get your confidence back.’


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