Oct 26, 2021

Did you know that up to 60% of women and 80% of men will experience a hair growth disruption in their life. Yet, no matter what type of hair loss occurs, the Hair Growth Cycle is almost always affected. There are many different types and causes of hair loss, and the Hair Growth Cycle can be disrupted by many factors such as stress, genetics, diabetes, poor nutrition, hyperthyroidism, cholesterol, medication, childbirth, hormones, hypertension, hairstyling and others.

However, the specific types and causes related to your individual situation are often difficult to pinpoint without professional counsel. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC with the unique Marilex® is scientifically formulated to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle, which helps to support normal healthy hair growth. You are not alone! And here are some more things that you might want to know about Hair Growth+ inCLINIC:

1. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is the only product worldwide containing Marilex-P®

Marilex-P® (fractionated fish extract with specific lectican proteoglycans) is made with the highest quality raw materials using an exclusive, protected extraction technology and is accepted by health authorities on all continents of the globe including the FDA and European Food Safety Authority. The other ingredients further influence the Hair Growth Cycle, and Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is therefore not just a simple multivitamin, but an effective, scientifically proven product. Marilex-P® sets Hair Growth+ inCLINIC apart from other products claiming to contain similar ingredients as it is a proprietary ingredient based on exclusive intellectual property rights unique to Pharma Medico.

2. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is 100% drug-free

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is completely safe and 100% drug-free. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is entirely based on drug-free ingredients which are evaluated as safe by the food and drug authorities globally, and there have been no known side effects in the more than 20+ years that it has been available.

3. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is based on more than 56 scientific studies and clinical papers published in leading peer-review journals

With Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, you get what you deserve as the product has been featured in numerous clinical peer-reviewed papers and is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is committed to ensuring its recognition as a benchmark for excellence – not only by consumers, but also by scientists, dermatologists, cosmetologists and aestheticians worldwide.

4. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is the only product having the World Trichology Society’s Gold Seal

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC has been granted the World Trichology Society’s Gold Seal for 30 years of continuous and ongoing research, development and results into improving the life quality of men and women suffering hair loss and hair growth disorders.

5. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is available in most regions of the world

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC has more than 25 years of proven brand history in the UK and other international markets and has consistently provided the original efficacy that consumers trust and rely upon.