Oct 13, 2021

Hair loss as well as hair thinning and shedding is a widespread issue that affects about 80% of men and 60% of women at some point in their lives. While stress, genetics, diet and hair styling are among the more well-known causes of hair loss, there are many people who are losing their hair due to different, less commonly known reasons.

Thyroid problems

When your thyroid glands are out of balance, your Hair Growth Cycle may be affected. Hypothyroidism is when there is a lack of hormones being produced, which may cause your hair to become dull and more prone to breakage. The contrasting condition, hyperthyroidism, produces an excess amount of hormones, which might result in hair loss or shedding due to metabolic changes in the body.


Most pregnant women love their hair during pregnancy as the increase in oestrogen often leads to voluminous and bouncy hair. However, once you give birth you may experience that your hair gets thinner and begins to shed quite a lot. This is due to the drop in hormones that occurs after pregnancy, which results in a disrupted Hair Growth Cycle.


While a high risk of cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases are the most widely known effects of smoking, this addiction may also lead to hair loss. The exact reason as to why smoking might result in a disrupted Hair Growth Cycle is not known. Nonetheless, a scientific study conducted in Taiwan on more than 700 men concluded that those who smoke or have smoked had a greater risk of losing their hair.

In order to properly protect your hair from the above-mentioned possible causes as well as the more commonly known causes of hair loss, Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy has been proven to be one of the best methods. Hair Growth+ inCLINIC helps to restore and maintain a healthy Hair Growth Cycle by inducing and prolonging the Anagen (growth) phase of the cycle.